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        1. 2020

          GDS launches MIDAS ORO, the service that allows life extension of MIDAS displays. It is hassle-free for the customer and it allows to save money and environment.

          Compuprint introduces tailored scanning solution able to read UV (Ultraviolet) securing features on cheques and all other secure documents


          GDS issued its second minibond. The €10 mln bond has been subscribed by Mediobanca SGR on behalf of the “Mediobanca Fondo per le Imprese 2.0” and Iccrea BancaImpresa.

          Global Display Solutions opens in Australia, establishing a permanent local business (or commercial) presence.

          Global Display Solutions opens in Chile establishing a permanent local business (or commercial) presence.

          Global Display Solutions opens in Colombia establishing a permanent local business (or commercial) presence.

          Bogotà city installation completely deployed: over 180.000 led GDS luminaires lit the city

          GDS introduces the next generation of its outdoor MIDAS displays, the new product family is named ARIA which is an advanced architecture display with unbeatable future-proof specifications. Just to mention a few, the ARIA will be extremely cost competitive, lighter, thinner, with lower power consumption and will provide enhancements in all electronics.


          GDS invests in the development of High Definition displays with LED technology for Railways Market.

          Over 250.000 Talede delivered to customers, becoming the most successful product GDS in led street lighting market


          GDS won an important intenational tender in South America for relamping the city of Bogotà (Colombia). It represents one the biggest LED lighting installation in South America

          Global Display Solutions (GDS) and A2A Smart City announce the installation of a new e-Tela? digital display developed by GDS using e-paper technology that can be used at bus stops based on the LoRa wireless network


          GDS issued a €8M Minibond to be subscribed by Duemme SGR. The bond is listed on the ExtraMot Pro market segment operated by Borsa Italiana

          GDS was named winner of the GOLD APEX AWARD in the Food and Beverage category for Starbucks Drive Thru digitalization


          GDS won the Silver Apex Award in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category for the largest floor display installation at the National Museum of Astana, Kazakhstan


          GDS launched EnerlightTM Technology for Railways


          GDS and E Ink? Holdings announced they entered into a Joint Agreement to develop epaper sign solutions

          GDS developed a new proprietary optical and electronic system for led street lighting which will nurture the future growth in the field


          Acquisition of HANTAREX brand, an historical digital signage displays manufacturer specialized in retail and airports

          Brand new 70″-72″ Sirius D6 launched with an innovative design for easy maintenance and best in class optical performances

          IP54 Optically bonded TFT Video Wall for Railways


          New Reverse Vending machine for recycling

          GDS is going green with new PV plants on the roof of its factories


          GDS Energy and GDS Led Street Lighting divisions created

          Sirius high brightness displays (up to 4000 cd/sqm) launched in the market

          New GDS photovoltaic system manufactured

          New LED street light lamps launched


          BF Technology, DOOH display system provider, joins GDS Group

          Panaro colour LED displays


          GDS ADM, kiosk division created following acquisition of ADM Italia

          Future Innovation Award – Camera di Commercio Vicenza

          Sunlight readable high brightness LED backlight TFT display

          Quick Product Development Award – Blue chip OEM

          GDS ADM first voting kiosk tested in Italy


          Acquisition of EMSEI – medical and military MS

          GDS Sferal WWT relaunches the Compuprint brand, active since 1971

          GDS Sferal WWT, printers and mechatronics EMS capability established following acquisition of CPG and FinMek

          Dual Interconnected Thermal Management System for DOOH displays (patent pending)

          Digi Awards – The Digital Signage Group ‘Transportation application – Creativity in technology’ for 32″ and 45″ outdoor displays

          Supplier of the Year – Blue chip OEM

          Panaro monochrome LED displays

          First bonded 70″ display


          GDS acquires US based Clearview and G-Bond technology

          World’s largest bonded panel presented at SID (65″)


          GDS expands operations capability into China

          HDTV Award G-Series


          GDS establishes operations capability in both Romania and Brazil

          Thermal management system


          Aquisition of EMS activity

          Patented piezo inverter design


          Formal merger and acquisitions, Fair Electronics, ETC and Cabel


          CA&G and Emco merge operationally

          Development of bonding technology


          CA&G and Emco engage in strategic alliance


          Sunlight readable Mitra CCFL TFT display launched at SID


          Sunlight readable Helios HCFL TFT display (3000 cd/sm)


          Sunlight viewable CRT display


          CA&G and Emco Electronics founded

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