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        1. Enhanced color accuracy displays and innovative installation solutions, at the GDS stand @ ISE 2015

          At ISE 2015 booth n° 11-H47, GDS will present its widest ever range of professional display solutions for digital signage, including: Outdoor, Indoor, Videowall, In-Window and Floor displays as well as free-standing units, totems and kiosks.?GDS extends a warm welcome to operators and system integrators where we will be delighted to show you our latest cutting-edge innovations, specifically designed to meet the needs of the Digital Signage applications world.

          Market leading designer and manufacturer GDS is especially proud to introduce its newest optical technology,?EnerColor?, which delivers exceptional color rendering accuracy, taking to a new level the performance increments already achieved by GDS’s enhanced brightness and contrast displays. “Enercolor??completes our portfolio of proven optical, cost and performance enhancement solutions” – said Ivano Pozza, Business Division Manager of GDS Displays – “these range from?‘G+Bond?’ bonding treatment, ‘Enerlight?’ and High-Brightness technologies through to the large scale e-paper display modules that we have developed in cooperation with?‘E-Ink’?“.

          Apart from our optical technologies, GDS will also exhibit new installation solutions including:

          “Floor Displays” – designed to create large digital video-floors, ?providing users with a unique and captivating experience.
          “Lite Bravo?” – consists of large open-frame display elements that can be easily built into a column or a wall, and can be complemented with interactivity devices such as webcams and proximity sensors.
          “ ‘Lite Bravo’?delivers two key advantages to our customers” –?added Pozza – “maximum exposure for their message content with minimal intrusion into public walkway spaces, so as to avoid creating obstructions”.

          Visit GDS at booth n° 11-H47 where our staff will be proud to show you our full range of digital signage display solutions.

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